The Boulevard Stop

A boulevard stop sign in 1937

While the automobile was already reshaping our society in the 1930s, it was still a time when even adding some stop signs would make the news. Essentially, the boulevard stop system would remove red light signals, create longer uninterrupted straight-aways and require those entering them or crossing them from side streets to come to a …

A Matter of Decorum

Albany Railway Must Explain

Ah, the glorious days of yesteryear, when all the men were gentlemen, all the ladies ladies, and society knew how to behave. The lowliest laborer wore a suit, f’cryin’ out loud. Not like today! That must be why, in 1898, the Albany city board of health was most perplexed at the failure of the Albany …

The Rice Mansion

The Rice Mansion from Dove Street

When we began our career in Albany not quite 30 years ago, a group of young and hungry (literally) Senate Fellows sometimes found lunchtime solace with a touch of imagined elegance in the quiet confines of the Rice Gallery of the Albany Institute of History and Art. Every now and then we wondered how it …