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Hoxsie! is a local history site (Carl Johnson, proprietor) featuring snippets of information and ephemera relating to the history of Albany, Schenectady and Troy, New York. Thanks to a relocation, we sneak in some Phoenixville, PA from time to time as well.

Wondering why it’s called Hoxsie! and not something that screams Albany history? Because Hoxsie screamed “Hoxsie!” Something like an explanation can be found here.

Want to contact us? Best way is through Twitter or our Facebook page, but if you’re patient and can wait for us to wade through spam, you can email hoxsie.org [at] gmail.com (yes, there’s a .org before the @).

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    1. George, the Wallace Company was in the building that houses the CVS and the YMCA. If you look at the building you can see the dates of the two buildings in the medallions up high. The pilasters used to show a big “W” that has been covered up or destroyed in renovations, but which can be seen here:

    2. Hi!

      I am a descendent of Benjamin Payn, owner of Benjamin Payn Tobacco in Albany. My great grandmother is Emma Lee Payn Carney. I am wondering if you know of any pictures of Benjamin Payn or his family/descendants. Or if you can tell me where to search. Thank you very much.

  2. IS there a “subscriber” or staffer who could (for a fee) arrange a walking tour to demonstrate landmarks related to Albany Medical College’s history, and some of the history of the land under the current South Mall ?

  3. In regards to the recent post about ramp and stairs. I bet it came from Charlie Chaplin’s film The Gold Rush which showed the Chilkoot Pass in Skagway, Alaska, which is a famous part of the Chilkoot Trail used during the Alaskan gold rush.

  4. Kester Allen, I’d be fine with that. You might also want to look at my instagram account, @signsandmarkers, which is pretty much nothing but historical markers. You can also reach me at [email protected]

  5. My great grandfather owned the business in Troy my making cast iron stoves My dads name was Charles Hayner His Dad Charles Hayner a Troy police officer My dad said his family lost their business during the depression I’d love to have more info

  6. Hello I am seeking any information on who owned the 4 dial street clock located on lower State Street around 1905. I am also trying to find out what happened to it. I have a post card with the clock displayed but could not figure out how to upload it.

  7. I am trying to find some additional information on the presidents of the Schenectady Trust Bank …the early years are somewhat fruitful with Samuel M Hamill and Gerardus Smith …but the 3os and 40s are somewhat difficult with the ascendency of Lawrence G Magner as the President of the bank for only a year of two….1936 to 1938 or 1938 to 1940

    1. John, sorry to be so slow to approve your comment . . there was a sea of spam. My best resource for all those sorts of things (maybe you’ve looked there already) is the newspaper archive at fultonhistory.com.

  8. The name you have “Hoxsie” as the great source for Capital Region Historical information is the most terrible name of a website I could have ever thought of.

    I get it. I see why you chose it: It’s got a great hyperspecific name for the region it talks about… but ANYONE who has even a CASUAL interest in Albany history will STRUGGLE TO FIND THIS. All of the other historical sites I enjoy following have an obvious name of the location they are talking about.

    I’ve lived in Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, and Chicago, and all of them have great websites that are EASILY searchable….Except for Albany…because it’s this idiotic name….”Hoxie.” This website’s content is great, but this website’s name is terrible and is exactly the reason why you are suffering to get more followers. Please be a sensible human being and change it to something like “Hoxie: Albany Capital Region Upstate New York History.”

    A history lover who is from Albany and is also in local historical groups for: Rochester, Buffalo, Chicago

    Holy crap the name of this website is bad!

  9. Hi, I’m rummaging in the basement of my parent’s house and found a trunk with a Saratoga Baggage Express Co sticker on it. Wondering if you might direct me to a source where I can find info about trunk. I got photos.

    1. Valerie, I don’t know off the top of my head but if you send me the photos (can email hoxsie.org [at] gmail.com, or on Instagram tag @hoxsiealbany, I’ll take a look and see what we can find out.

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