S.H. Ransom – again with the stoves

Somewhere along the line one of the partners in the Rathbone family stove business was S.H. Ransom. John Rathbone and Samuel Ransom were only partnered from 1841 until 1844, when they split into separate firms. Ransom made stoves and hollow ware in their foundry on the south end of Broadway. The business remained until 1881, when it was sold to Clarence Rathbone, who despite his Rathboniness continued the Ransom business name.

This receipt from the Biggert Collection is from December 1863, when a Mr. M.L. Filley bought of S.H. Ransom & Co. one dozen regulator knobs and a D valve. The view here of Albany’s working waterfront is fabulous; click to see it larger.

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