Albany Female Academy

Albany Female Academy

Another of the gems that is no longer there, the Albany Female Academy was on North Pearl Street. According to Wilson’s Albany City Guide, “This beautiful and classic edifice was erected for the purposes of a Female Academy in the year 1834, and is one of the greatest ornaments of our city . . . It is beautifully located in North Pearl, the most pleasant street in the city. The Academy was founded in the year 1814, being 30 years ago, so that a majority of our ladies received their education at this institution.”

Originally known as the Union School when founded on Montgomery Street, just north of Columbia, in 1814, its subscribers agreed to pay Ebenezer Foot 24 dollars for each scholar. It grew to 70 students in just two years, and  became the Albany Female Academy in 1821.

There’s an excellent history of the Albany Female Academy, including its connection to the Dudleys, the Olcotts of Ten Broeck Mansion, and other 19th century Albany luminaries. And, oh yes, that other Albany Academy, too — just click here.

The first tuition-free public alternative, Albany High School, didn’t open until 1866.

By the way, if you had family or friends in the Albany Female Academy’s class of 1867, you might want to check out this eBayer’s collection of class portraits.

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