Practice your scales

J. Maxwell, Jr. sold scales of every description from his store at 136 South Pearl Street in Albany, comprising in part, counter scales, druggists’ scales, confectioners’ scales, grain measurers’ scales, butchers’ scales, platform scales, jewelers’ scales, post-office scales, and bank scales. Bank scales? Guess they were weighing gold. 1858.

Foreign Fruits

Albany, 1858: George Wait was a wholesale dealer in groceries, teas, foreign fruits, sugars, oils, &c. One of the benefits of being at the head of shipping for the Erie Canal and just an overnight steamboat ride from the Port of New York was that foreign produce made its way to our humble trading post.

John Myers Co.

Along with Whitney’s, John Myers was one of Albany’s premiere department stores for ages. Here in 1905 they were advertising their mail order capabilities. “Uncle Sam is a faithful transmitter of messages. Distance makes no difference.” The year this ad ran, the Myers Department Store collapsed, killing at least 13 people and injuring many more.

John J. Shea

1905: John J. Shea was down on Broadway, manufacturing pretty much everything you could manufacture from canvas: awnings, coal bags, tents and flags, horse and wagon covers, feed bags, hammocks, etc. Not only did they rent canopies for weddings, balls and receptions at reasonable rates, they also rented “Men in Livery to attend Carriages.” They …