John G. Myers

John G Myers.jpg
John G. Myers’s dry goods store was one of the long-time anchors of the North Pearl Street shopping district in downtown Albany. The store was founded in 1870 and was rivaled only by Whitney’s. Today it’s probably best remembered for its terrible collapse in 1905, which killed at least 13 people. The store was rebuilt, and in 1917 merged with Fowler’s of Glens Falls.

On this billhead from 1882, a J.C. Hughson of “1 Lumber Dist.” bought 85 cents worth of lace — 5-1/2 yards worth. The address, not a real street address, makes one wonder if Hughson was outfitting curtains for an office window, but perhaps it was for one of the small residences that did exist down in the lumber district.

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