Even More Ghost Signs of Albany

Having looked at the ghost signs of R.B. Wing and Meginnis Electric on Liberty Street, we thought we’d present some of the other familiar ghost signs from around Albany. Some are painted, some are not. In one case, the business is still going, so technically its advertisement isn’t a ghost, but let’s not be pedantic.

These signs weren't really ghost signs for all that long, as these things go. For the many years that the old DeWitt Clinton hotel was a residence hotel, it still housed some active businesses, including the chic Jean Paul Coiffures and the perhaps less chic H&R Block tax prep offices.
At some point, Jean Paul moved to Stuyvesant Plaza. And, more recently, the DeWitt Clinton became the Renaissance, and in the course of renovations the remnants of these signs were, of course, removed.
Okay, this isn't really a faded sign as we normally think of it. It's more of a set of glue lines that once held the sign.
Its Sherrys for smart fashions 2 A more traditional ghost sign, as we think of them -- faded, hand-painted, for a business long gone. This one, on North Pearl near Maiden Lane, proclaims "It's Sherry's for Smart Fashions." Sherry's was a women's fashions retailer.
Sherry's in its heyday.
You'll like the Times Union On the other side of the street, an understated ghost sign with an understated message: "You'll Like The Times Union." Not "love," not "adore," but "like." Hey, it's better than "tolerate." Since this picture was taken, the sign has been "restored." Hoxsie doesn't "like" the "restoration."
Pump Station vicinity Albany 2008 003 bw This old building, once next to the Pump Station but recently deceased, was bedecked with a series of painted signs for Wilson's certified eggs, smoked ham, and some other things we can't quite make out.
Wilsons certified poultry eggs We really don't know anything about the Wilson businesses.
This set of faded signs defies our attempts to decode. It's at North Pearl and Sheridan, and there are at least two layers of signs revealed here.
Skyline faded sign 2 Even fiddling with the contrast doesn't make it much clearer, but if you know what it says, please leave a comment.

John Mulligan was good enough to hep us to the identify of our unidentified ghost sign shown above, the one at North Pearl and Sheridan – it’s for Harry Simmons furniture. Harry Simmons claimed to inspire earthquake-proof confidence in his furniture; the front of his building has certainly stood the test of time.


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