Van Doren’s Patented Sewing Machine Motor

EIVanDorenSewingMachineMotor.pngThis ad from the Troy Daily Times in 1917 touts the patented factory sewing machine motor of E.I. Van Doren of River Street. “Saves one-third of current because motor stops and starts automatically every time sewing machine does.” Imagine!

In an article on the same page (not an uncommon practice in those days for a newspaper to feature its advertisers in editorial content), Mr. E.I. Van Doren spoke more about the improvements his patented motors brought:

“‘Electric motors for power transmission in factories and industrial enterprises generally are proving a great saving over the belts and shafting which has been the method in use for ages,’ said Mr. E.I.Van Doren, electrical expert, with office and warerooms at 332 River Street, to-day.

“‘With the old system the average factory has a friction loss of from sixty to seventy-five per cent, and do not realize it, from the fact that shafting will get out of line, belts will stretch  and slip constantly, and no amount of mone spent on efficiency experts and high-priced help will avoid it under those conditions; it is impossible to increase the output, and instead of a reduction of cost price there is an ever increasing one . . .

“‘All this is eliminated by having the direct electric drive. It calls for very little expense to install a motor for individual drive, or several motors for group driving, depending upon the local conditions and decision of the engineer.

“‘The manufacturers, however, foreseeing the change that is coming are preparing to fill the requirements. We have sold the ‘Lincoln Motor,’ Peerless Single Phase Motors, The Fidelity, Individual Factory Sewing Machine Motor, no transmitter required.”

 Just the next year, an article in Electrical World announced that:

“E.I. Van Doren, who for several years past has been at 332 River Street, Troy, N.Y., with a line of electric motors and supplies, announces the opening of his new ground-floor store, ‘The Edison Shop,’ on or about Nov. 9 at 81 Fourth Street, where the will offer a new and varied line of electrical motors, ‘Mazda’ lamps, heating devices, etc.”



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