In pleasant juxtaposition to the State House

Education statueIn 1912, the journal “Educational Foundations” carried this account of the dedication of New York’s grand new State Education Building:

“Without Scandal”
We dedicate a building which has been carried to an admirable and complete fruition, without scandal, and within the first appropriation that was provided for it.” These words were uttered by Dr. A.S. Draper, New York State Commissioner of Education in his dedicatory address at the time of the dedication of the new State Education Building at Albany, October 16th. The Empire State has won new honor for itself in this accomplishment. Distinguished men gathered to celebrate the event and to take part in the ceremonies presided over by the Hon. Whitelaw Reid.

It is a magnificent building. Magnificent in architectural design and construction. Magnificent in the kind and quality of its material. Magnificent, too, in its symbolism, for there on the hill at Albany in pleasant juxtaposition to the State House is the realized ideal of a great and enlightened commonwealth – a gorgeous temple of learning erected by the people in token of their devotion to the cause of popular education. Supremely magnificent is the history of its erection and the record of its financial management. The Commissioner had good reason for his pride, and it is to be devoutly hoped that the auspicious dedication may be a prophecy of an uninterrupted history of honor an dusefulness, to the everlasting glory of the great State whose capital city is thus signalized.

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