How grand were Saratoga’s grand hotels?

Congress Hall.png

In 1876: pretty grand. Here’s Congress Hall, just feet from Saratoga’s most celebrated springs.

United States Hotel.png

Here’s The United States Hotel. 232 feet fronting Broadway, and 656 feet on Division Street.
Interior Court United States Hotel.png Here is the slightly immodest interior courtyard of the United States Hotel. The piazzas aroundt he courtyard were 2,300 feet in length (“for promenades”), and it was ornamented with “beautiful shade-trees, sparkling fountains, graceful lawn-statuary, and meandering walks; and, during the evening, when illuminated with colored lights and lanterns, and enlivened with exquisite music, the scene is brilliant and fascinating in the extreme.”
Grand Union Hotel.png Then there was the Grand Union Hotel, which fronted three streets, affording a large number of outside rooms. It overlooked Congress Park from Broadway.

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  1. Wow, how fabulous! I didn’t know about these hotels. How sad they didn’t make it past the 50’s. They would really be an incredible addition to downtown Saratoga like the Frontenac is to Quebec City.

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