Avenue of the Pines

Apparently, Saratoga’s Avenue of the Pines has been such for quite some time. It’s unclear when this lovely postcard was made. The name of the avenue can be found in […]

Saratoga Race Track

In time for track season, more horsies. There has been racing in Saratoga since at least 1847, with thoroughbred racing beginning in 1863. This cursory reading of the Saratoga Race […]

They’re off!

It’s Hoxsie’s understanding that some sort of horse racing takes place up in Saratoga Springs most summers. Since Saratoga has become one of those places that’s so crowded that no […]

Hathorn Spring Water

Hathorn Water from the Hathorn Spring in Saratoga Springs clears the complexion, relieves the headache at once, promotes rest and sleep. Why, it even revives dormant faculties (to say nothing […]