“All Who Attended Were Well Pleased.”

Prof. Shepard, owing to the election excitement &c., had a small audience, last evening, but all who attended were well pleased and the Professor gave entire satisfaction. Quite a number in haled the gas and teh result was dancing, singing, speaking, &c., much to the amusement of the spectators. The Professor will perform again to night, when he will introduce some very interesting experiments which were omitted last evening on account of the small audience. None should fail to attend this evening as the entertainment is well worth patronizing.

More for amusement than for historical edification, we present this clipping from an 1867 edition of the Schenectady Evening Star. We haven’t dug in to exactly who Prof. Shepard was or why he was giving demonstrations in the use of laughing gas. Nor do we know which very interesting experiments the second night’s audience might have been subjected to. Party on, 1867!

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