The Photography Stylings of Zeph Magill

zephmagillcabinetcard.jpgA couple of weeks back we ran across the photograph of Hugh McCusker, dealer in carpets, who did his carpet-dealing from River Street in Troy. We said at the time we didn’t know much about the photographer, Zeph Magill, other than that he worked out of the Keenan Building. There was also a milliner in the building by the name of Thomas Magill, around about 1886, so it’s possible Zeph was one of the Magill boys.

But I did find another photo by Magill on the site “Who Were They? Lost and Forgotten Photos From the Past.” It’s a shame the name of this lass has been lost.

Magill also took a fairly famous photo, at least if you’re a local history buff, of General Grant’s steel coffin. Annoyingly, it’s one of a very small number of photos that the Library of Congress only makes available as a thumbnail, but other versions do exist.

A number of other cabinet photos by Magill can be found through the miracle of the internet.

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