O.C. Buck Shows

OC Buck Shows.pngIn the mid-twentieth century, when traveling carnivals and fairs were much bigger business than they are today, O.C. Buck Shows of Troy was one of the big players in the region.

Oscar Buck was a big player in the showmen’s associations of the day, was on the board of the Altamont Fair, and ran his operations from the Hotel Troy and his home on Point View Drive, near Frear Park. They put on midway and side shows all over. They had rides, a motorcycle show, and sideshow acts like the Alligator Lady. (For a remembrance of the O.C. Buck shows, search this page.)

I’m not sure if the Troy connection was ever all that explicit, but I do like the “Aunt Sam” figure.

8 thoughts on “O.C. Buck Shows

  1. OC Buck shows in the mid 60s. Is there Any way to get the route and the locations of the carnivals in up state new York? I metal detect now that I am rretired I use to live next the the grounds in Ogdensburg my.

    1. I doubt it, honestly. They didn’t seem to advertise where they would be from week to week, just advertised in the cities they were in.

    2. Hi I lived in Saratoga springs around 1960-1970. I believe the show played in a field across the street from triangle diner or up 9 north a bit

    3. They came to Massena every summer and set up at the bottom of water st next to the grass river during the ‘50s I’m in VA but on my last visit to massena that piece of property was still unused. Probably a metal detector dreamland

  2. Oscar Buck jr. ( Bucky ) was my friend and his old man ran the carnival. I believed they wintered in Florida and played the Southland , then came up North for the summer, all over upstate NY. I believe they might have had Joie Chitwood’s Hell riders motorcycle thrill show, but maybe not. In 1960, i saw my first beaver shot when we snuck under a tent into the striptease show. She flashed a beaver. This was at OC BUCK Shows in Menands.

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