Albany Parochial Schools, 1922

Our exhaustive review of the buildings that housed Albany’s schools in 1922 only included the public schools. Parochial schools (as far as I can see, all Catholic) abounded throughout the city.

Not Cathedral Academy.png The Cathedral Academy, 105 Elm Street. This Sisters of St. Joseph school had an enrollment of 175 in 1922; it would appear the building is now a vacant lot, or it may have been across Eagle in what is now a parking lot for the Empire State Plaza.
St. Joseph's Academy.png St. Joseph’s Academy, North Swan Street, corner of Second Street. In 1922 this only had an enrollment of 100, but the hulking ruin that stands there today must have seen many, many more students than that.
Not St. Ann's.png St. Ann’s Academy, Franklin Street, corner of Plum Street, an enrollment of 44. While St. Ann’s church still stands, it would appear that the school’s location is now a vacant lot.
773 Madison.png Vincentian High School, 773 Madison Avenue, had an enrollment of only 59. It was separate from the Vincentian Institute building that still stands on Madison Avenue; it appears to have been in this building that now houses the Healthy Schools Network.
Centennial Hall.png St. Mary’s School, 7 Pine Street. This Sisters of Notre Dame elementary school had an enrollment of 214. Its home, Centennial Hall, still stands and was recently renovated.
St. John's School.png St. John’s School, Dongan Avenue, corner S. Ferry Street. This Sisters of Charity elementary school enrolled 458 students. I think the building may be the one that today houses Equinox.
Not Holy Cross School.png Holy Cross School, 48 Philip Street. A Sisters of Notre Dame elementary school enrolling 100. This would appear to be parking today.
Not Cathedral School.png Cathedral School, 130-136 Elm Street, a Sisters of St. Joseph elementary school with 640 students. This stretch of Elm Street was lost to Empire State Plaza parking; the building was probably lost at the same time.
Our Lady of Angels School.png Our Lady of Angels School, 143 Sherman Street. Sisters of St. Francis ran this 259 student elementary school. I’m not sure if the old building that still stands was the school building. The site is now home to Sherman Preparatory Academy, part of the Albany City Schools.
Our Lady of Help 2.png Our Lady Help of Christians, 3 Krank Street. Sisters of St. Francis ran this 182 student elementary school. It still stands and is used as St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center.
St. Patrick’s Institute, Sherman Street near North Lake Avenue. A Sisters of Mercy elementary with 600 students. I’m not sure of the exact location, and don’t believe the building still exists.
Not St. Ann's.png St. Ann’s School, Franklin Street, corner of Plum Street. Sisters of St. Joseph in charge of 455 elementary school students. I don’t believe the building remains; it’s likely it was in the same building as St. Ann’s Academy.
St. Anthony's.png St. Anthony’s School, 8-10 Elm Street. A Sisters of St. Joseph elementary with 134 students. This beautiful building still stands.
St. Casimir.png St. Casimir’s School, 309-313 Sheridan Avenue. Sisters of the Resurrection in charge of an elementary school with 331 enrolled. This building remained as St. Casimir’s School until 2009.
Blessed Sacrament.png Blessed Sacrament Institute, 607 Central Avenue, a Sisters of Mercy elementary with 331 enrolled. It would appear that although Blessed Sacrament still remains, the building has been replaced.
Vincentian Institute.png Vincentian Institute, Madison Avenue, corner of Ontario Street. This had an enrollment of 495 under the care of the Sisters of Mercy. The building still stands and is in use as a community center.
Not Christian Brothers.png Christian Brothers Academy, 41-43 Lodge Street. The Christian Brothers had 247 students (all boys) at this location. This was one of many locations for the school; it was here, in the former Normal School on the northwest corner of Lodge and Howard, for 51 years. The building was demolished in 1949. It is nothing but a parking lot now.
Academy of the Holy Names.png Holy Names Academy, Madison Avenue and Robin Street. The Sisters of the Holy Names were in charge of an enrollment of 190. This grand building still stands and is part of Albany Medical Center. The school still exists but has decamped for the suburbs.

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