John Harrigan’s Sons

1898 CFL History John Harrigan Undertakers.png
From 1898, an advertisement for John Harrigan’s Sons (whose names, it would appear were Harvey, Daniel and Joseph), undertakers. This lovely building was at the corner of Chapel and Canal streets; Canal is now known as Sheridan Avenue. I can’t tell which corner this was on, but the only surviving building from that era on that corner is the one housing a lobbying firm on the southeast corner. According to Amasa Parker’s “Landmarks of Albany County,” John Harrigan came to Albany from County Limerick in Ireland in 1847, and started this business in 1852. He was county coroner for two terms beginning in 1862. He was originally at 22 Canal Street, then at 21, where he built this building in 1890. “The building comprises seven lots and has a large stable in the rear. The firm has the finest assortment of burial cases always on hand.” What a shame that this lovely building didn’t survive.

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