Albany, the Winter Resort

Albany as winter resort NY Press 1888This, from the New York Press in 1888: Mayor John Boyd Thacher boosting Albany as the winter place to be.

“For the past few years the city has been at a standstill. The rich people – and we have many of them – were simply content to cut coupons and share a small dividend rather than engage in any new enterprises. A reaction has taken place, and Albany is experiencing a regular boom. The carnival was a grand success, and we intend to make it annual. Albany now is one of the most attractive cities in the North and in the way of pleasure and amusements in the winter. Tobogganing and skating facilities are simply utopian in their completeness.

“Instead of people going to the South to spend their winters they will hereafter select Albany, where health and pleasure can be found. Hereafter I think all the conventions will be held in Albany, because we are preparing to erect a large hall that will accommodate at least 2,500.”

Thacher was referring to the winter carnival of 1886, which was pretty fantastic, as this picture can attest:
Winter Carnival Washington Park 1886 albany ny 1880s
And yes, they did repeat the carnival. And of course, we’ve already talked about how great the ice skating was. And the bobsledding.

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