Even more signs from around Albany

Starting with the Mack truck dealership on Broadway. Not sure of the medium here – could it be terra cotta? A lovely representation of the Mack Truck logo.
To the right side of the above, "Sales." Unfortunately, we don't have the image on the other side, but to no one's surprise, it says "Service."
K.W. Savory was a local lunch place on James Street. It closed early in the new century, but the sign is still marvelous.
Back up on Broadway, we've always been unreasonably pleased that the Adam Ross Cut Stone sign is cut in stone.
Saul Equipment is long gone. Was this on the side of 48 Hudson, Albany's oldest building? We know Saul's was there at some point, but we aren't sure where this sign was.
Okay, not a sign, per se. But there aren't many of these old newspaper boxes left. This was spotted in 2009 somewhere down on Route 32, so it may well be gone.
Again outside the city, up in Menands, but we have always loved the portal of Williams Press.
Before automobiles took over, street signs didn't need to be legible at 30 MPH. They tended to be on the corners of buildings, like this one at Lexington and Willett, when the corners were marked at all. There must still be some others around Center Square.
For years we wondered who John Emery was, but before we got around to identifying this Pearl Street business, All Over Albany did it for us. He was a shoe magnate.

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