The Albany signs just keep on coming

It’s Thanksgiving week. We’ve been terribly busy. There is no time for research. There is, however, time to post pictures of even more of the landmark signs that form our view of Albany. While some of the ones we’ve featured in the last couple of days live on, some have also disappeared, giving way to rehabs and progress.

For starters, the John
Eagan Blacksmith sign on the back of what is now McGreevy Prolab, seen from the Liberty Street side. This is in the same row as the R.B. Wing and Meginnis Electric faded signs, making it the greatest row of ghost signs in Albany.
The old Bond Clothes signs on lower State Street -- one over the other.
The old Reliable Brands sign on Beaver Street, in the shadow of the Knickerbocker Arena. This building and the one adjacent appear to have been beautifully rehabbed since this picture was taken years ago; tragically, they didn't choose to keep the sign..
It looks like this old sign for Webster paper, on top of an old warehouse tucked between Tivoli and Manor streets just below Broadway, has been painted over in the rehab of the warehouse. Progress.
Technically not a faded sign and not in Albany, but the old sign on the Two Guys department store in Menands left an impression that has lasted longer than the store did.
And this one, from the Port of Albany, is less a sign than a label, but the very thought of that much molasses conjures images of the Molasses Flood of 1919.

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