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Latham “The” Hatter

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Latham "The" Hatter 1876

From a guide book to the State of New York, we have this description of Latham “The” Hatter (emphasis always his), who was located at 558 Broadway in the latter part of the 19th century.

Prominent among the business enterprises of North Broadway is the hat emporium of Mr. George Latham, who is largely engaged at 558 Broadway in dealing in fine hats and caps for gentlemen and yhouths. He is a special agent for the celebrated “Dunlap” hats. The store property is a handsome three-story brick, 20 by 100 feet in extent, filled to repletion with all the attractive hats and furs in various styles. This enterprise was established in 1861, and does a handsome business. Mr. Latham is a gentleman forty-three years of age, a native of Connecticut, and has been in Albany for the last thirty-five years. The retail department is in charge of his son, James B. Latham, whose polite and courteous dealings with the public have helped to make Latham “the” hatter the best in town.

(We don’t believe there is a connection to the hotelkeeper William Latham for whom Latham was named.)