Troop 14’s Frog Drive

Academy Troop 14 1914While we’re scouring old copies of Boys’ Life (as one does), let’s take a look back at what the boys of Boy Scout Troop 14, composed of students of the Albany Academy, were doing back in 1914. They were very active in earning their own expenses and increasing their bank account through a mix of efforts. Some, of course, young people still do today to earn money. Others, it’s hard to imagine how they earned money from even in 1914 (we’re talking about frogs).

  • catching and selling fish
  • picking berries and grapes
  • weeding gardens
  • cutting and raking lawns
  • catching frogs
  • catching fish alive for the Aquarium [what Aquarium?!]
  • taking care of children
  • taking part in a show
  • developing and printing
  • performing difficult and important tasks.

We’re dying for more specificity on those difficult and important tasks, but alas, they are lost to time.

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