Sidewalk Injury

Perusing the petitions before the Albany Common Council in 1909, we find this petition from a Barbara Andres, city resident, who wished to respectfully show:

“That, on or about the 6th day of January, 1909, at about seventy-thirty [sic] or eight o’clock in the evening of that day, your petitioner was walking down the southerly side of Washington avenue towards Quail street, upon the sidewalk of said street . . . and when about one hundred fifty-five feet from the west side of Quail street, your petitioner struck with the side of her foot against a nail in a loose or broken board in said sidewalk, the nail passing through your petitioner’s shoe and penetrating her foot to a considerable depth.

“That the point in the sidewalk where the injury referred to took place had been more or less broken by teams driven over and across said walk to the vacant lots along which said walk passes.

“That your petitioner, because of said injuries, was, for several weeks, confined to her house and unable to do any work.

“That your petitioner, because of said injuries, was compelled to expend a considerable sum in employing medical aid and for medicines in an attempt to become cured of said injuries.

“That your petitioner has been injured thereby to the extent of five hundred dollars ($500.00).

“Wherefore, your petitioner prays that she be allowed the sum of five hundred dollars ($500.00).”

The record does not show if she was successful, and we already know the city was deluged with claims that month from the backup of the Patroon Creek sewer.

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