Month: January 2015

Ironic Juxtaposition

One doesn’t imagine that the advertising manager for the 1902 “History of the Police Service of Albany” explicitly intended these two advertisements to end up directly adjacent to each other. (He probably didn’t intend the typo in “Brothers,” either.) Four Brothers Independent Oil appears to have been a regional supplier that began in Albany. Thomas …

Miss J. Kimmey, Costumer

An image from the 1902 Albany directory, which included some Troy listings as well. Miss J. Kimmey was a masquerade and theatrical costumer, with thorough knowledge of the business and twenty years experience. She had shops at 342 River and 11 Fourth streets in Troy; presumably the Santa Claus outfits were available in both.

Albany’s Final Hangings

Shall we continue with the recitation of murders from 1902’s “History of the Police Service of Albany”? Yes, let’s do. On April 1, 1858, Emil Hartung of Division Street, just below Green Street, died under suspicious circumstances. “Living in the same house was William Rheinmann, and it was current gossip that his relations with Mrs. …