Co-education and Fur

coeducation.pngAnother ad from 1894, in a publication about the Albany school system, proving that ads could be ridiculous and just a little inane even 120 years ago.

The Walsh family was selling furs and more at 58 State Street at least as early as 1870, and continued on at other locations (North Pearl and upper State) at least into the ’40s.

In 1887, the “Fur Trade Review” included this write-up on the Walsh business:
“Messrs. W.E. Walsh and Sons, 58 and 60 State Street, have a very fine, large store with every facility for the display of a choice selection of fur garments in all fashionable shapes, small furs, robes and novelties in furs. They are preparing for a good fall trade, which they will undoubtedly realize, as their goods have an extended reputation for general excellence.”

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