Crisis in the Armory!

SpringfieldArmoryneedstoiletpaperholders.pngSpeaking, as we were, of the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company (which veered off into paper more of the toilet variety), Hoxsie has previously guessed that not only did old A.P.W. invent roll toilet paper, but probably, and of necessity, the roll toilet paper holder. This 1899 letter to the A.P.W. company, written by the commanding officer of the Springfield, Mass., Armory reminds of the dangers of the toilet paper trust, of a time when he who controlled the distribution of toilet paper holders could influence our national security. Maybe.


“I have to inform you that your toilet paper is in use at this Armory, and we are in need of eleven more brackets, to be used to support the same in place.

“If these brackets are not furnished or loaned with the toilet paper, please inform us what your charge will be for the above number.


Frank [Phipps?]

Lieut. Colonel, Ord. Dept., U.S.A., Commanding.”

Sadly, history does not record their answer. Thanks for creating a mystery, National Archives!

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