The Scholars of Grafton

At some point, Marcia O. Dunham, born in Grafton but decamped to Washington, D.C., received an envelope. In that envelope was a set of certificates noting the school accomplishments of her mother and other family members, and her mother’s teaching certificate. It’s impossible to know what she felt, receiving the mementos of a mother she never knew; Fannie Hayner Dunham died the same year that Marcia was born, possibly at the same time. Along with certificates recognizing her mother’s accomplishments were several others, including recognition for her father, Calvin B. Dunham, and his brother Edson and sister Mary. No surprise that they went to the same school and had the same teachers as Fannie. Calvin was two years old than Fannie, but in those days in Grafton, it’s still entirely likely they were in the same classroom. CertificateofMerit2.jpgCertificateofMerit4.jpgCertificateofMerit5.jpgCertificateofMerit6.jpg

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