The Abattoir

From The Albany Hand-Book of 1881:

Abattoir, The, or public slaughterhouse is situated on Brevator st., nearly three miles west of the City Hall. Slaughtering is prohibited (except by consent of the Common Council) within the limits of 160 rods west of Allen st., on the west; Warren st., Delaware ave., Second ave. and Gansevoort st. on the south; the city line on the east; and North Ferry, Van Woert sts., Lexington and Livingston aves. on the north. The ordinance, however, is not strictly observed, and many of the butchers have their own slaughter-houses. The question whether the power given the city government by the Legislature to regulate slaughter-houses, included the power to prohibit them has been raised, and decided in the affirmative by the Court of Appeals.

Shocked am I, to learn that Brevator Street goes back that far, because in 1881 it was a long way from anything in the city.

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