The Seminary grows

The original Troy Female Seminary was leased from the City of Troy for 50 years, during which time it had grown from the original three-story “coffee house” building to “a […]

Not a fan

Despite all the superlatives garnered by Emma Willard in her lifelong dedication to the education of women and the training of teachers, it must be said, there were those who […]

The Willard Farm

In 1854, John Hart Willard was selling off the family farm on the Wynantskill in Troy. In 1838, John (with wife Sarah Lucretia Hudson) had taken over the Troy Female […]

If it quacks like a duck

Again from an 1872 edition of the Troy Daily Whig, we have an advertisement for the “Old Established Hospital” at 5 Beaver Street, quite near Broadway, in Albany. “Hospital” didn’t […]

Collar City Oysters

Once was a time (and that time was 1873) when you couldn’t throw a celluloid collar in Troy without hitting an oyster merchant. J.H. Goodsell, Lewis Thayer, H. Wait, Bailey […]