Wreckage of a home

Wreckage_of_a_multistory_home,_Albany_County,_from_Robert_N._Dennis_collection_of_stereoscopic_views.pngAgain from the Robert N. Dennis Collection, a stereoscopic view titled “Wreckage of a Multistory Home, Albany County.” This is one of the rare views where the photographer is clearly identified: John H. New of 29 & 31 Remsen Street in Cohoes. New plied the photographic trade (and apparently sold sewing machines on the side) in Cohoes for a few decades. He was born in May 1838, and in his photographic business produced numerous portraits, cartes de visite and cabinet cards that can still be found today. Where this view might have been taken or what might have caused the wreckage is unclear, but the Edwardian cupola just beyond it is certainly suggestive of any number of buildings that still stand in and around Cohoes.

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