The New State Capitol, sort of

New Capitol Robert Dennis Collection.jpgAnother gem of a stereoscope from the Robert N. Dennis Collection of Stereoscopic Images at the New York Public Library, this one depicts the new State Capitol building in Albany. Except, of course, that it doesn’t. Not quite. While the image is undated, I’ve got to presume it depicts a model, and one built sometime in the early phase of the Capitol project. Ground was broken in 1867, and plans changed and changed again throughout the construction, which wasn’t declared finished until 1899. This model seems to reflect the plan of the first architect, Thomas Fuller, who was in charge from 1867-1875 and wanted to achieve an effect like the Hotel de Ville in  Haussmann’s Paris. Fuller managed to get the ground floor done before he was shown the door.

I have no idea if this model still exists somewhere, but would love to know.

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