Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster Church,_Albany,_N.Y,_from_Robert_N._Dennis_collection_of_stereoscopic_views corrected cropped.jpg

Here’s a single image from a stereoscope of the Westminster Presbyterian Church on State Street in Albany, one of many we’ll be looking at from the Robert N. Dennis Collection of stereoscopic images held by the New York Public Library. The photo is undated, but the church’s somewhat confusing history page says the church was dedicated in 1862. It burned in 1928, which may account for the loss of a number of the decorative elements, such as the tower finials and the graceful latticework along the roofline. Otherwise, the view isn’t so different today.

It would appear that some kind of construction is going on in the lot just to the east of the church, and there’s a huge mound of dirt piled up in State Street, possibly from excavating a foundation. Or gophers. Whatever house was just to the west of the church (right in this picture) is long gone; that area is all parking lot now.

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