Frear’s, before it became Bazaar

William H Frear.jpg

Any sharp-eyed fan of the Collar City will recognize the landmark edifice of Frear’s Cash Bazaar, whose lovely marble facade still graces Third Street  . . . except of course that this billhead shows the just-as-landmarky Cannon Building in Monument Square. Yes, for a long while, Frear’s was not where Frear’s is. This billhead from 1876, again from The Biggert Collection, appears to be for a series of wholesale transactions. Either that, or someone named Tilley or Filley was laying in a substantial supply of “comfortables” (are these comforters? I have no clue). At that time, William H. Frear was a wholesaler and retailer of dry goods, shawls, curtain materials, underwear, and manufacturer of cloaks and suits. The enterprise began in  and was sold to an investment group in 1958; how much longer than that it survived I don’t know.

Just by coincidence, American Troyalty has a recent post about Frear’s as well, and links to the Frear’s 1894 catalog that I haven’t yet had a chance to scavenge from for Hoxsie.

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