Amsterdam is Broom Country

T Peck Brooms and Brushes Amsterdam.jpg

We’ve already looked at the letterheads of Amsterdam’s Pioneer Broom Company, (also here) but as was usual in the 19th century, there was almost always a rival company, and it was often just a block or two away. Here is a receipt, again from the Biggert Collection, from T. Peck & Co., manufacturers of brooms and brushes, at the corner of Pine and Cedar Streets in the Rug City. It gives us a lovely cut of the factory and what I am sure is the loveliest decorative work involving brooms I’ve ever seen. The receipt, from 1892, was made out to the offices of Durfee of Fall River, Massachusetts, for 25 dozen something; not having experience in the broom business, I can’t figure out the abbreviations.
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