Price & Weatherhead

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This billhead from The Biggert Collection is from the first year of operation of Price & Weatherhead, dealers in brandies, wines, cigars, ale and porter. Not to mention family groceries, fine teas, java coffee, oliv oil, foreign pickles, sauces, preserved fruits, and Mumm and Heidsick champagnes. Constantly on hand!

According to Howell’s “Bi-Centennial History of Albany,” Frederick Vine took over the store of E.R. and E. Satterley in 1840 and moved to 7-9 North Pearl Street in 1856. He sold out to Joseph J. Price and Hilon L. Weatherhead in 1862, who moved the business up the street to 19 North Pearl. This only lasted until 1866, when the partners went their separate ways and opened competing stores.

At the time, people still weren’t sold on the spelling of “cigar,” which is spelled on the letterhead as “Cigars” and written on the receipt as “Segars.” Major Frederick Townsend was laying in some supplies, having just returned from the Civil War battlegrounds to serve as acting assistant provost marshal general.

Taking a close look at that vignette, I’m pretty sure the building still stands, either expanded or with its cornice joined to its old neighbor, which wasn’t an uncommon practice.

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