Pioneer Broom

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The Schenectady area was once the broom corn capital of the country, back when the low-lying farms west of the city and in Scotia and Reeseville provided the raw materials for a highly necessary product.

Out in Amsterdam, the Blood Brothers started up the city’s broom industry in the 1860s. Pioneer Broom Company was started by the Blood family relatively late, in 1902 according to Bob Cudmore, first on Washington Street and then in 1904 with the large factory at West Main and Pine Streets shown on this letterhead from The Biggert Collection. To judge by the claims of the letterhead, Pioneer had a daily capacity of 300 dozen brooms and 200 dozen whisk brooms.

Also to judge by this letter, the Pioneer Broom Company was having a little trouble with its sales force up Watertown way.

The Retail Price List of Brooms proudly shows off the two factories — no mixing of regular brooms and whisk brooms here!
Pioneer Retail Price List of Brooms.jpg


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