The Great Commoner loved the Ten Eyck

Mr. William Jennings Bryan, whilst here the other night, said some good things about Albany, all of which we indorse. Our adopted city is all right and up-to-date, notwithstanding the census takers did not fully take the census here. Mr. Bryan spoke in general of our beautiful hotels, especially the Ten Eyck. He ought to have seen our Washington Park, visited the Pine Hills, promenaded on the Northern Boulevard, through the Rural and St. Agnes’ cemeteries, looked at the new City Hospital, entered and viewed the architectural beauty of the interior of the Capitol, witnessed the nightly drills of the Tenth Battalion, seen the Burgesses Corps on the Fourth of July march to the quick music of Gartland’s Band, in company front, on State street, reaching from curb to curb.”
Autobiography of Dr. William Henry Johnson, 1900

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