German dailies in Albany

German papers in Albany 1905.png

Considering that Albany has been a one-newspaper city for more than 20  years (with some fringe elements clinging stubbornly to the superior quality of the Daily Gazette or the Sound-Off column of the Troy Record), it’s amazing to think of all the decades when the city had anywhere between five and eight daily papers, and even more amazing to think that in 1905, two of them were in German. The Albany Freie Blaetter lasted from 1852 until 1912; the Taeglicher Herold started in 1869. The Sonntags Journal began in 1884 as an independent weekly and was eventually merged with the Herold.

The State Library has a decent listing of the many, many Albany newspapers that are available on microfilm; we can only hope that someday they’ll be digitized.

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